We believe in the transformational power of disruptive technology and its applications on our lives

Our mission

Our mission is to foment technology initiatives that support the transformation of current businesses to become more reliable and sustainable. We aim to invest and develop thesis with a genuine care for the environment, with social responsibility and governance

About us

ENFINI invests in companies primarily in the food tech sector

With an extensive background in the private equity and infrastructure space, ENFINI’s team acts very closely to the portfolio companies to contribute on the development and execution of each business plan

Our team

Rubens Romano

Rubens Romano has over 20 years of experience in the energy sector, being responsible for the implementation of +2.7 GW of renewable energy across Latin America. He is a former CEO at Aela Energia, former COO and founder of Latin America Power and former Engineering and Construction Director of ERSA / CPFL Renováveis. Rubens holds a BS Civil Engineering – FAAP (Brazil), a Master in Geotechnics – EP/USP (Brazil), a MBA – IBMEC (Brazil) and postgraduate studies at Stanford University (USA)

Bruno Franco

Bruno Franco has over 20 years of experience in the private equity industry in Latin America. He was a Partner at BTG Pactual and senior member of the investment team that was responsible for managing US$ 3 billion of assets in the infrastructure space. Bruno has been a Board member of several Energy Companies in Brazil (such as CPFL Renewables) while managing a BRL1.2 billion fund in the energy sector. Bruno was also a board member of four Toll Road Companies in Chile and former CFO of Latin America Power (Chile). Bruno holds a bachelor`s degree in Business Economics from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.

Our portfolio

Enfini’s core principles

ESG adherence

Well established governance and concrete actions with environmental and social impacts

Clear value proposition

What is the problem to be solved

Team’s capabilities

Team’s track record and
entrepreneurial life

Growth potential

How big is the addressable market


BlueNalu operates in the seafood industry focused on the sustainable production of animal protein, whose main objective is to transform the way food is produced today, without damaging the ecosystem

The production technology is based on the cellular multiplication technique (cell-based meat) to obtain the protein with the same characteristics we have today: tasty, healthy, and free from contaminants to the environment

Good Catch is the first major development in the plant-based fish and seafood space, offering tasty alternative products with little impact on the planet

Its products deliver chef-inspired delicacies safe for human health and with no harm for animal welfare

Memphis Meats is the world leader in cell-based meat, bringing delicious and healthy meat to consumers by harvesting it from cells instead of animals

Memphis’ target is to transform how food gets to the plate with the same great taste and better for the planet

Impossible Foods is a company that develops plant-based substitutes for meat products

The company’s target is to give people the taste and nutritional benefits of meat without the negative health and environmental impacts associated with livestock products

Impossible selects proteins and nutrients from plants to recreate the experience and nutrition of meat products

Fazenda Futuro is the leading plant-based company in Brazil. It started its operations in 2019 and its main products are burgers, ground beef and meatballs

Their target is to deliver high quality product, but with a much lower cost, aiming to supply products to local market and export to selected countries

Mission Barns is positioned in the alternative protein sector, aiming to produce cell-based ingredients for the food industry, focusing on fat derivates.

Their flagship product is Mission bacon, which combines plant based and cell-based technologies, delivering a one-of-a-kind product, and Mission Fat, cell-based fat that is intended to improve food products and in other sectors that use this ingredient